Karl Hyden

Family Business Advisor pro Irsko

Originally from Texas, Karl began his professional life as a classically trained musician and music director. In 1995, wanting a better quality of life for their children, Karl and his wife relocated their family to County Cork, Ireland.

With 23 years experience in management, supervision, training & development disciplines, Karl works as a business mentor, strategist, consultant and master level coach with 14 years coaching and mentoring experience with SME clients. To date, Karl has mentored and coached 1,000+ small and medium businesses owners from 27 countries.

Karl believes strongly that small and medium family businesses are the backbone of the economy. Through his coaching and consultancy he works to minimize the risks his clients face so that they can contribute more significantly to the economic base resulting in increased stability for their own livelihoods and the greater benefit to society.

Karl has a masters degree in Human Resource Management and will soon complete a psychology qualification in Organizational Transactional Analysis. He is a Fellow with both the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) and the Irish Institute of Training & Development (IITD).

From his personal experience of working in his parent’s business during his teenage years, Karl is acutely aware of the rewarding and challenging aspects of being both a family member and employee in the family business. He is all too familiar with the emotional and financial devastation that can result from blurred boundaries between family and business.